Our Organization

About Our Name - East Side Bible Church

East Side is our location - We are located outside of Wrightsville PA, on the far east side of York County.

The Bible is the basis for all we are and do. Our preaching is from the Bible and our people carry their Bibles with them to church services so they may use them to follow along with the lessons and sermons. Our Doctrine, By-Laws, and policies are all determined by what the Bible says in its literal interpretation.

Church is our identification. We are an independant local church, which is part of the Body of Christ. All of our members have given testimony of their personal salvation in Jesus Christ.

About Our History

In 1978, a group of Christians left Calvary Bible Church in East Prospect PA. Shortly thereafter, they formed East Side Bible Church, calling Bill Lehr as their first pastor. For several years, the church held their services in the Masonic Hall in Wrightsville. In 1983, five acres of land were purchased along Adams Road. By the spring of 1984, construction of our current facility was completed.

Our Pastors

  • Pastor Lehr served as East Side's pastor from 1978 until 1990.
  • Pastor Ray Leslie was called as Interim Pastor, serving two years, until the fall of 1992.
  • Pastor Randy W. Panebaker came to serve the first of two terms as Pastor in the fall of 1992. Pastor Panebaker served for ten years until being called to Solanco Bible Church in Quarryville in 2002.
  • Pastor Tim Brose was called to serve as Interim Pastor and then as Senior Pastor of our Church. Pastor Tim was forced to resign in December of 2007 because of health issues.
  • Pastor Randy Panebaker was called back for a second term, beginning in February 2008 and is currently serving as our pastor.

About Our Organization

The oversight of East Side Bible Church is the responsibility of a Board of Deacons. These are men who are carefully selected according to their qualifications as detailed in 1 Timothy  3 and Titus  1. Our Constitution outlines the responsibilities of the Deacons, giving them oversight over the total church program. Which includes Christian Education, Worship, Visitations, Missions, Fellowship, Benevolence, and Finance. Deacons are elected by the congregation at the annual meeting in November. Each man is voted on according to the merits of his own qualifications. We may have a maximum of five Deacons, but otherwise are not required to have any specific number. The Pastor of the church serves as a voting member of this board.

A Board of Trustees oversees the care taking of our buildings and grounds and are also known as the Building and Grounds Committee.

An annual congregational meeting is held on the third Sunday in January (after our morning service). During this meeting, Deacons are voted upon and reports are shared covering all of the ministries, outreaches and programs of the church. We also discuss and approve the annual budget for the church. Special meetings may be called at other times throughout the year for consideration of important matters.