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Needy Love

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Jacob's well was there, and Jesus, tired out by the trip, sat down by the well. John  4:6 When I dated Shirley, I began realizing that I needed her. She supplied qualities I didn't have. She balanced my life. I was the spontaneous, quickly decisive, easily involved type. Shirley preferred to look a situation over thoroughly, think about it a few days and then make a decision. She slowed me down. And in those occasional moments when life tumbled in on me and I doubted myself, she was always there to reassure me. Lovers, no matter how strong their personalities, always need other people. When we love another, we instinctively (and usually unconsciously) select a person who possess the qualities we lack. We need that other to be whole. God never created any of us to be self-sufficient. God made us with weaknesses and strengths so that we could learn interdependence. A common need becomes the basis for human relationships. Only recently I saw Jesus as a needy Person. In the story found in John  4, He had been with his disciples and He was physically tired. He sat down by the well and they went into the city for food. It struck me as I read that passage: Jesus had a need! For Him, it was to rest His physical body, but it was a need nonetheless. And an outcast woman came by at just that time Jesus rested. She had a need - to hear the Good News. That's often how God works. In this case, a tired Jesus, needing rest, sat at the place where the guilt-laden woman came. He found rest; she found peace. Both had their needs met. One of the great things about lovers is that they meet each other's needs - and often without being aware of it. They do it instinctively, because they care. And caring enables us to meet the needs of the other person.