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He created them male and female. (Genesis  1:27-28) We share an exciting beginning. Made in God's image, we are brothers and sisters before we are lovers and mates. Our validity and value are born from this eternal relationship, making us sensitive to vast dreams, large horizons and creative impulses. In Genesis, we see two persons - a woman and a man - both reflections of God's being and purposes, prototypes of every other man and woman who have ever walked the long corridors of history. Be productive and nurturing, God tells us. Let life flow through you. Create! - children, families, crops, herds, goods, services, art forms, music, and communities. The whole world waits for our tender, loving care. Man and woman, care for My earth, God commands. We are to polish the earth, enrich it, and handle it with care. God created us and everything else good. Our job? To keep on reproducing God's image in everything we do and nurture God's good earth. List ways you are living in a productive and nurturing relationship.

Dearest, I Love You (Over)

Category: Bible Readings for Couples

Love is as powerful as death. (Song of Songs  8:6-7) For one year of our life different assignments forced us to live two thousand miles apart. That space made touching impossible and telephone calls unsatisfying. We began to value written words in a new way. Letters could be read over and over again. Tucked away in a pocket or purse, they became extensions of the other person, available for touching and holding. One letter sent by Erling to me was only ten words long and looked like this: front side: back side: Dearest, Dearest, I I love love you. you. (over) (over) Over and over again I turned that sheet of paper. Love is eternal; it never ends. I carried that letter wherever I went and it became a seal upon my heart. Write a love letter to your mate. Exchange them.

Harmonizing Hearts

Category: Bible Readings for Couples your hearts. Colossians  3:16-17

Through your care radio comes the sound of music. You turn to each other with immediate recognition: "That's our song!" You danced to it on your first date or sang it together on your college choir tour. You chose it as the hymn at your wedding or exchanged the record for your first Christmas gift. Whenever your memory plays it back, you are drawn to your mate with renewed devotion.

Our hearts beat to many rhythms. Your own love song moves to the beat of throbbing pulses and the sudden intake of breath as your bodies meet in the universal rituals of the marriage bed.

When the word of Christ dwells in both of you it creates a melody that sings its way through your life together, a song in your hearts that enriches the rhythm of all existence. Both of you write your own lyrics to remind you of the old, old story of Jesus and His love. But your words are set to the same harmonies.

Birth and death, spring and winter, seedtime and harvest, the cross and the resurrection are the themes of God's choral anthems. They become personalized for us in believing hearts and confessing lips. The refrain "Jesus is Lord" echoes in sound waves around the world and joins the cosmic music of the spheres.

That is the song which ennobles all the other rhythms of our life and melts our hearts into one singing melody.


A Loaf of Bread

Category: Bible Readings for Couples

1 Chronicles  16:2-3 "He gave each man and woman in Israel a loaf of bread."

Women are just about invisible in the chronicler's record. That history of Israel is dedicated to the memory of men, their sons and their grandsons. Sometimes it seems that if women had not been needed to bear these sons and grandsons, the chronicler might not have mentioned them at all. Daughters remain nameless and without mention until we come to chapter 16.

If human history fails to record names, God remembers. If society ignores whole segments of God's people, God notices them. In the presence of the ark of God, everyone is included. GOD IS FOR EVERYONE! David knew that, so he ordered men and women to receive exactly the same portions: a loaf of bread, a portion of meat and some raisins.

Seekers will find the riches of the Scriptures. Just as we were ready to skip Chronicles in this book because we could find nothing that applied to couples, we fond what we sought. Like some raisins themselves, these verses were hidden in 1 Chronicles! In worship, women and men are brought together and given the same portions of God's gifts.

Satisfied, all the people departed to their homes (v. 43) to share their gifts. Go in peace. Serve the Lord.

How would you feel if 1 Chronicles never mentioned women?